Why I do what I do...

I'm just a young guy... and I am training to be a superhero! I grew up going to Sunday School. Some of my friends have just given up on all the stuff we were taught... I just can't do that. I have to stay true to what I think. Some people say that I'm just following what my parents say. They try to make me feel dumb for not doing stuff that they want to do. I just can't. I want to do something to help them see what I think.

Now I spend a lot of time in my room--I mean the Wind Tunnel--coming up with ways to stop my friends from making bad choices. If I can make them stop for just a minute, they may just do the right thing. Life is so complicated sometimes. It was easy when we were little, but something has changed since we started Junior high.

I have some pretty cool gadgets. They may not look like much, but they do what I need them to. Not sure what to do... I guess I just have to strive to be WINDPROOF!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Just past Valentine's Day

It is the day of love... for romantic love.  I'm not sure what I think of that yet, but I do get all nervous when "she" walks into the room.  She really is pretty.  Maybe this will be the month that I work up the guts to talk to her.  She's just so interesting.  She takes fencing lessons.   That would be SO cool!  Maybe one day.

But for now, I have been keeping an eye on Jenn.  She's new to the school.  She is really shy and people seem to want to make fun of her.  I don't know why.  Maybe when they find out that she is learning to be a drummer, they will think she is cool.

On her way walking to her lessons yesterday three boys were chasing her and yelling at her.  Good thing I was there quietly walking in the bushes. 

They manageed to surround her and she got really scared and strated to cry.  Then they made fun f her for crying.  It was like she could do nothing good enough for them.  And "you" my old, why did you do that to her?  People used to mock you for your special shoes.  Guess you have forgotten all that.

Using my glove turbines I burst into the air and into the middle of the group.  They were all stunned to say the least.. including Jenn.  I aimed my hand at one of the boys and with a quick burst I knocked him over.  I stepped in between the other two when they thought they had me.  Both of them came running at me.  One quick air burst from my hands and boots and I was into the air again.  The two boys slammed into each other and fell to the ground.

I grabbed Jenn around the waist and shot back into the air leaping over a house to land her on another street so that when the chasers got back up, she was nowhere around them.  I wasn't as stable in the jump because I needed to hold her.  She screamed the whole time.  When I landed she screamed and ran away.... Not exactly the impression I wanted to leave her with..... Oh, well.  She's safe, let's hope that cooler heads prevail when she goes back to school.

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